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Trombone - Classical

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228 items

Offer!       Bachmann, Armin
"Double (Tenor & Bass Tb w/wind ens)"

Playlist: John Mortimer:Prelude & Dance/Caribbean Concerto, Fritz Voegelin:Burlesque, Clarke:Cousins, Albert Benz:Ballade, Armitage:Way Down Blues(w/BTb)/Fat & Crazy(w/BTb)
Catalog: BA03  Label: Marcophon 956  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 42%

      Bachmann, Armin
"Fantastic(Bass Tb w/pno)"

Playlist: Eugene Bozza: Prelude & Allegro, Jan Koetsier: Allegro Maestoso, Balys Dvarionas: Theme & Variation, Frank Siekmann: Cto for Bass Tb, Ernst Sachse: Concertino in F, Alexander Lebedev: Cto in 1 Mvmt, Georg Tibor: Introduction Theme & Variation. Highly recommended.
Catalog: BA01  Label: Marcophon 892  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Baker, Brett
"Baker's Dozen(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Darrol Barry:Capriccio from 'Blues & Capriccio', William Broughton:Take Up Thy Cross, Philip Harper:Haunted House, Telemann:Cto for Oboe, Albert:Feelings, Leidzen:Concertino, Rodney Newton:Phantasm, Bassman:I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You, Clarke:The Debutante, Cook:Bolivar, Burke:Here's That Rainy Day, Andrew Duncan:Tb Cto
Catalog: BB02  Label: Polyphonic 093  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Baker, Brett
"Bone Idyll(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Robin Dewhurst:Brasilia, Trad:Annie Laurie/Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen, Saint-Saens:Cavatine, Derek Bourgois:Bone Idyll, Gordon Langford:Rhapsody, Philip Sparke:Prelude & Scherzo, Larry Henley:The Wind Beneath My Wings, Alexandre Guilmant:Morceau Symphonique, Benjamin Godard:Berceuse de Jocelyn, Ferdinand David:Concertino
Catalog: BB01  Label: Chandos 4543  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

Offer!       Baker, Brett
"Credo(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Leslie Condon: Song of Exuberance, Alexander Geodicke(arr.Broughton): Concert Etude, Dick Krommenhoer: From That Sacred Hill(w/Craig Lewis & Mike Jackson - Tbs), Ty Watson: Now, Trad(arr.Broughton): Let the Beauty of Jesus, Geoffery O'Hara(arr.Graham): I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked, William Broughton: Swing That Door, Plus the following works for brass band only. William Gordon: Salvation's Song, James Curnow: Rhapsodic Variations, Ian Robinson: Morning Star, Erik Leidzen: On the King's Highway, Lorne Barry: Credo
Catalog: BB10  Label: WRC8 7702  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 53%

      Baker, Brett
"Monument(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Marc Owen: Monument, Trad(arr.Geldard): Dark Eyes, William Rimmer: The Hailstorm, Ivor Hodgson: Sonata, Gareth Wood: Four Pieces for Four Trombones, Tommy Dorsey(arr.Fernie): Trombonology, Peter Graham: The Name, Pryor(arr.Wilkinson): Thoughts of Love, Eric Maschwitz(arr.Snell): A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Paul Lovatt-Cooper: Earth's Fury
Catalog: BB07  Label: Doyen 171  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Baker, Brett
"Phenomenon(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Paul Lovatt-Cooper: Twister, Arthur Pryor: Love's Enchantment/ Annie Laurie, Massenet: Meditation from Thais, Robin Dewhurst: Coming Home (w/ Ian Porthouse-cornet), Derek Broadbent: Misty Eyes, Carmichael: Stardust, Rodney Newton: Dick Turpin's Ride to York, Darrol Barry: Blues from Blues & Capriccio, Peter Graham: The Guardian. Plus non-Tb works featuring Ian Porthouse on Tp. Williams: Bubbles was a Cheerleader, Peter Graham: Whirlwind, Mascagni: Intermezzo, Trad: How Great Thou Art, Andre: Printemps, Frank Simon: Willow Echoes, James Curnow: Concertpiece for Cornet
Catalog: BB04  Label: Polyphonic 203  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

Offer!       Baker, Brett
"The Southern Cross(w/brass band)"

Playlist: Mike Fitzpatrick: Psalm 98, Joseph Kosma(arr.Geldard): Autumn Leaves, Herbert Clarke(arr.Code): The Southern Cross, Jimmy Van Heusen(arr.Freeh): All the Way, Percy Code: The Emperor, Joseph Turrin: Hymn for Diana, Harold Moss: The Nightingale, Bruce Broughton: Sarah, Don Lusher: Suite for Trombone, Trad(arr.Richards): Pokarekare Ana, Mike Fitzpatrick: Rhapsody for Trombone.
Catalog: BB19  Label: Muso's Media 21  Format: CD
  $10.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 47%

      Baker, Brett
"World of the Trombone Vol.1(w/pno)"

Playlist: Ropartz: Piece in eb, Eric Banks: Ballad for Trombone, Rob Wiffin: Shout!, Tony Cliff: Four Sketches, Eric Ball: Legend, Monti: Czardas, Philip Sparke: Aubade, Edward Gregson: Divertimento, Andrew Duncan: Witches Spell, Bruce Fraser: Ballade and Spanish Dance, Martin Ellerby: Chaconne (from Trombone Concerto), Kazimierz Serocki: Sonatina, William Heaton: Sweet Hour of Prayer, Stjepan Suluk: Trombone Sonata
Catalog: BB20  Label: Polyphonic 026  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

Offer!       Barron, Ronald
"All American Trombone (w/pno)"

Playlist: William Goldstein: Colloquy(w/wind ens), Alec Wilder: Sonata for Tb, Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy 2(unacc), James Willey: 3 Pieces, Clarke: Bride of the Waves(w/wind ens), Pryor:Thoughts of Love/Annie Laurie(both w/wind ens)
Catalog: BR04  Label: Boston Brass 1003  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 25%

      Barron, Ronald
"American Showcase(w/pno)"

Playlist: Frank Ticheli: Concertino(w/wind ens), John LaMontaine: Conversations, Paul Creston: Fantasy, Thom Ritter George: Aria & Dance(w/ Tb 4tet), Eric Ewazen: Sonata, Tommy Dorsey: Trombonology
Catalog: TBBR06  Label: Boston Brass 1006  Format: CD
  $16.00 USD

Offer!       Barron, Ronald
"An Evening from the 18th Century (Alto Trombone w/orch)"

Playlist: Tommaso Albinoni: Cto a Cinque Op9#9 in C, Georg Wagenseil: Cto, Johann Albrechtsberger: Cto, Johann Michael Haydn: Concertino in D
Catalog: TBBR13  Label: Boston Brass 1007  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 25%

      Barron, Ronald
"Hindemith On Trombone(w/pno)"

Playlist: Paul Hindemith: Sonata/ Drei Leichte Strucke for Vlc & Pno/ Morgenmussik from Ploner Musiktag/ Stucke for Bs & Vlc/ Trauermusik Music of Mourning for Vla & String Orch/ 6 Chansons/ Sonata for Alto Hn in Eb & Pno
Catalog: BR03  Label: Boston Brass 1002  Format: CD
  $16.00 USD

Offer!       Barron, Ronald
"In the Family (w/bass,perc,flute,harp)"

Playlist: Harold Shapero:In the Family, Shostakovich:8 Preludes op.34, Frank Campo:Commedie op.42, Vaughn-Williams:6 Studies in English Folksong, Charles Small:Conversation, Roger Kellaway:Esque
Catalog: BR05  Label: Boston Brass 1004  Format: CD
  $10.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 38%

Offer!       Barron, Ronald
"Le Trombone Francais II(w/pno)"

Playlist: Serge Baudo: Petite Ste, Henri Tomasi: Cto, Samuel-Alexandre Rousseau: Piece Concertante, Henri Dutilleux: Choral Cadence et Fugato, Jacques Casterede: Sonatine, Frank Martin: Ballade, Eugene Bozza: Ballade, Pierre Gabaye: Special
Catalog: TBBR05  Label: Boston Brass 1005  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 16.00)
You save: 31%

      Barron, Ronald
"Le Trombone Francais(w/pno)"

Playlist: Guilmant: Morceau Symphonique Op88, Saint-Saens: Cavatine Op144, Salzedo: Concertante Op27, Ropartz: Piece in eb, Boutry: Capriccio, Berghmans: La Femme A.Barb, Defaye: Deux Danses
Catalog: BR06  Label: Boston Brass 1001  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD

      Barron, Ronald
"The Return of the Alto (Alto Trombone w/various acc)"

Playlist: Eric Ewazen: Palmetto Suite, Hannes Meyer: Sonata in c (w/org), Alfred Gornoff: Suite for Four Trombones(Tb 4tet), Norman Bolter: Sky Dreams, Corrado Saglietti: Suite for Alto Trombone & String 4tet, Leopold Mozart(arr.Samuel Adler): Concerto from Serenade in D(w/wind ens), Marc-Antoine Charpentier: Prelude from Te Deum(w/org)
Catalog: TBBR12  Label: Boston Brass 1008  Format: CD
  $16.00 USD

Offer!       Bauer, Yves

Playlist: Arcangelo Corelli: Sonate #7, Mozart: O Isis and Osiris from the Magic Flute, Marcello: Sonata in a, Schubert: Ave Maria, Eugene Bozza: Prelude & Allegro, Franz Liszt: Hosannah, Ernst Sachse: Konzert, Franck Zigante: Trois Evocations de la Divine Comedie de Dante, Jerome Kern: Ol Man River, Gershwin: Summertime
Catalog: TBBY02  Label: FBR 120  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 23.00)
You save: 48%

      Becquet, Michel

Playlist: Michel is soloist backed by 7 trombones, one tuba, and percussion. Janko Nilovic: Suite Balkanique, Ravel: Pavane pour une infante defunte, Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin, George Delerue: Madrigal, Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story, Michel Colombier: Emmanuel
Catalog: TBBM11  Label: Cryston (SACD)(Japan) 020  Format: CD
  $43.00 USD

      Becquet, Michel
"Octobone II"

Playlist: Michel is soloist backed by 7 trombones, one tuba, and percussion. Walter Hartley: Canzona for 8 Tb, Enrique Crespo: Bruckner Etude for das tiefe Blech, Jean-Michel Defaye: Fluctuations, Elgar(arr.Canard): BGN from Variations on an Original Theme 'Enigma', Derek Bourgeois: Scherzo Funebre Op86, Nino Rota(arr.Caens): Le Strada, Michel Legrand: Summer of 42, Fernando Penella: Los Miuras, Jerome Naulais: Latin District
Catalog: TBBM12  Label: Cryston (SACD)(Japan) 0055  Format: CD
  $43.00 USD

      Benazzo, Alessandro
"Spontaneous Trombone(w/pno)"

Playlist: Pryor: Blue Bells of Scotland, Defaye: A la maniere de Bach in F, Bach: Minuet in d/ Badinerie from Ste #2 in b BWV1067, Saint-Saens: Cavatine Op144/ The Swan, Monti: Czardas, Bizet(arr. Defaye): Carmenaria, Mozart: Rondo alla turca, Faure: Apres un reve in c, Rachmaninov: Andante from Sonata Op19 for Vlc & Pno
Catalog: TBBA20  Label: None 000  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD

Offer!       Berlin Trombone 5tet
"No Title (4 Tb & 1 Tu)"

Playlist: Daniel Speer: Sonata a 4, Johann Pezelius: Ste/Sonatas 26 & 27, Beethoven: 3 Equale for 4 Tb, Samuel Scheidt: Canzona Cornetto, Handel: Alla Hornpipe, Stig Rybrant: Deep Brass Joke, Seigfried Thiele: Musik for Tb 5tet, Bernd Wefelmeyer:8 for Tu solo, Debussy: 4 Preludes, Scott Joplin: New Rag Ragtime, Lennon/McCartney: Lady Madonna, Aram Khathaturian: Sabre Dance, Jerry Ross: Hernando's Hideaway
Catalog: BE02  Label: Koch Schwann 310089  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 33%

      Bjorkman, Hakan
"Mandrake in the Corner"

Playlist: Christian Lindberg: Mandrake in the corner, Debussy: La fille aux cheveux de lin, Peter Graham: The Guardian, Philip Sparke: The Year of the Dragon/ Sambezi, Jules Massenet: Thais’ Meditation, Saint Saens: The Swan, Arban: The Carnival of Venice, Herbert Clarke: Cousins (w/Michael oskarsson-Tp). Brain Lynn: Doolallynastics, Jan Sandstrom: A Christian Song.
Catalog: TBBH03  Label: SBB Recordings 003  Format: CD
  $21.00 USD

Offer!       Bollinger, Blair
"Fancy Free: Music for Bass Trombone(w/pno)"

Playlist: David Fetter: Spain (unacc), Pierre Villette: Fantaisie Concertante, Robert Spillman: Cto, Eduard Lassen: Zwei Fantasiestucke, Ibert: Histoires, Tomasi: Etre ou ne pas etre, Tcherepnin: Andante Op 64, Clay Smith: Fancy Free
Catalog: BB03  Label: D'Note 1033  Format: CD
  $14.00 USD!
(before 18.00)
You save: 22%

Offer!       Bolter, Norman
"Anew at Home(w/pno)"

Playlist: Norman Bolter: Dances & Greeting(w/perc)/At Far Brought Near/Dark Seas/U R Not Alone(unacc)/Lakes(w/harp)/Song of King David/Approaching the 1st Gate/Timeline Contemplations
Catalog: BN01  Label: Air-ev 12888  Format: CD
  $8.00 USD!
(before 17.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Bones Apart (Trombone 4tet)

Playlist: Rossini: Overture to the Barber of Seville, Beethoven: Three Equali, Vivaldi: Suite from L'estro Armonico, Bruckner: Three Motets, Bizet: Carmen Suite, Tchaikovsky&Delibes&Gounod: Four Ballet Scenes, Humperdinck: Abendsegen from Hansel and Gretel, Kabalevsky: Comedians Gallop
Catalog: TBBA24  Label: None 003  Format: CD
  $15.00 USD!
(before 21.00)
You save: 29%

Offer!       Bones Apart (Trombone 4tet)

Playlist: Simon Wills: Sonata for Trombones, Eric Ewazen: Myths and Legends, Brian Lynn: Four for Four, Dan Jenkins: Cold Tea, Toast and Marmalade
Catalog: TBBA25  Label: None 003  Format: CD
  $11.00 USD!
(before 22.00)
You save: 50%

      Bones Apart (Trombone 4tet)

Playlist: Anonymus: 3 Pieces from the Spanish Renaissance(Pase al agua/ Dios te salve cruz precioza/ El Cervel), Tchaikovsky: Suite from 'The Nutcracker'(Miniature Overture/ Chocolate Spanish Dance/ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/ Trepak Russian Dance), Chernetsky: Tank Corps March, Albeniz: Tango from Espana, Llobet: El Noi De La Mare, Pryor: Variations on Annie Laurie, Foster: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Gershwin: Three Preludes, Van Heusen: Here's That Rainy Day, De Abreu: Tico Tico no fuba, Rodgers/Hart: My Funny Valentine, Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever
Catalog: TBBA26  Label: None 004  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

Offer!       Bonvin, Danny
"Ovation (w/orch)"

Playlist: Wagenseil:Cto for Alto Tb, Albrechtsberger:Cto for Alto Tb, (Remaining wks on tenor Tb) Didier Godel:Sinfonia Sacra, Jean Daetwyler:2eme Cto, Larsson:Concertino
Catalog: BD03  Label: Marcophon 960  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 53%

Offer!       Bonvin, Danny
"Trombone Festival(w/Brass Band)"

Playlist: Gordon Langford: Sonate Serenade & Scherzo, Roy Newsone: Concertino Olympic, Friz Voegelin: Nordlicht Variation, Fean Daetwyler: Cto
Catalog: BD02  Label: Gallo 474  Format: CD
  $12.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 37%

      Borror, Ronald

Playlist: Halsey Stevens: Sonata for Trombone and Piano, Henry Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tune #13, Leonard Bernstein: Elegy for Mippy II, Karl Kroeger: Tres Psalmi Davidis, Otto Luening: Sonata for Trombone and Piano, Arthur Pryor: Annie Laurie (Air Varie).
Catalog: TBBR02  Label: Crystal 388  Format: CD
  $17.00 USD

      Bousfield, Ian
"Pryor Engagement (w/brass band)"

Playlist: Arthur Pryor: Blue Bells of Scotland/ La Petite Suzanne/ Thoughts of Love/ The Patriot/ Starlight/ Love's Enchantment/ Fantastic Polka/ The Little Chief/ Annie Laurie, Stephen Adams: The Holy City, T.Mattel: Non E Ver, Teresa Del Riego: Oh Dry Those Tears
Catalog: BI04  Label: Doyen 212  Format: CD
  $25.00 USD

      Brevig, Per
"Hovland: Trombone Concerto(w/orch)"

Playlist: Egil Hovland: Trombone Concerto Op76(19 min). Plus non-Tb works: Violin Concerto Op81/Concerto for Piccolo & Flute & Orch Op117
Catalog: BP02  Label: Aurora 5004  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Brown, Keith
"Intermediate Level Contest Solos Vol.1(w/pno)"

Playlist: (Play along CD has accompaniment only tracks - includes sheet music) Henry Purcell: Ste in F(1st mvmt-Nymphs & Shepherds/ 2nd mvmt-Aria from 'Dido & Aeneas'), Henry Cowell: Tom binkley's Tune, Hector Berlioz: The Unknown Isle, Johann Hasse: Ste(1st-3rd mvmts), Bach: Arioso
Catalog: TBBK03  Label: Music Minus One 3913  Format: BK & CD
  $30.00 USD

Offer!       Brubeck, Chris

Playlist: Chris Brubeck: Bass Trombone Concerto #2(Prague Cto), plus other non-Tb works: River of Songs/ Convergence(Cto for Orch)
Catalog: BC02  Label: Koch 7653  Format: CD
  $9.00 USD!
(before 19.00)
You save: 53%

      Bucher, Pia

Playlist: Giovanni Pergolesi: Sinfonia in F (w/org), Antonio Caldara: Sonata in D (w/org), Margrit Zimmerman: Triptychon Op 58 (w/org), Georg Wagenseil: Cto for Alto Tb, Carl Maria Von Weber: Romance, John Mortimer: Cto #2, Scott Joplin: Magnetic Rag
Catalog: BP01  Label: Marcophon 901  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Buckholz, Chris
"A la Albeniz(w/pno)"

Playlist: SHCHEDRIN: À la Albéniz; AUBAIN: Aria, Scherzo et Final; HINDEMITH: Sonate für Althorn; STEKKE: Variations in F-Sharp, Op. 24; RAVEL: Pièce en forme de habanera; SIMONS: The Gondolier
Catalog: TBBC24  Label: Troy 1311  Format: CD
  $19.00 USD

      Buzbee, Timothy

Playlist: Christer Danielsson: Konsertant Svit for solo tuba & 4 Hns, James Grant: Three Furies for Solo Tuba/ Stuff, Jan Sandstrom: Sang till Lotta(w/pno), James Meador: Reciprocity(w/Tb)/ Six Pack(w/Tb & string 5tet)
Catalog: TUBT06  Label: Troy 1054  Format: CD
  $18.00 USD